New Paper in IATIS Journal: New Voices in Translation Studies

Michèle Milan has published a new article in New Voices in Translation Studies. The paper is entitled ‘Found in Translation: Franco-Irish translation relationships in nineteenth-century Ireland’. The abstract is below, and the full paper can be found here.


Various studies of the long-standing relationship between French and Irish
cultures have provided multiple evidence of mutual exchange. Yet, the role played
by translation and translators has been largely neglected. Reflecting my PhD
research on Franco-Irish translation relationships in nineteenth-century Ireland,
this article aims at redressing this omission. First, this essay will present an
overview of research methods, issues and findings, outlining what an investigation
of Ireland’s translation holdings can reveal concerning the Franco-Irish
relationship. Without such a research, the view we have today of past literary
relations between Ireland and France may otherwise come as distorted. This
article will then introduce one key moment of Franco-Irish translation contact in
the nineteenth century. This case study is drawn from the field of religious
translation. It outlines the importance of agency in the process and provides us
with an opportunity to discuss some gender issues in translation. The present
study is situated at an interdisciplinary crossroads between the fields of
Translation Studies, History and Franco-Irish Studies, highlighting the
contribution which Translation History can make to each of these disciplines.