Proceedings from the Multimodality & Cyberpsychology Pop-Up Conference

Held in Dublin City University on November 24th, the first ‘pop-up’ conference on Multimodality & Cyberpsychology was a resounding success. Several CTTS researchers, Dr. Dorothy Kenny, Dr. Ryoko Sasamoto, and Dr. Stephen Doherty showcased some of the cutting edge research carried out in DCU. In collaboration with the Media, Art, and Cyberpsychology Special Interest Group of the Psychology Society of Ireland, the pop-up hosted a variety of talks concerning topics of: ethics, machine translation, eye tracking, cognition, eating disorders, online dating, reading, multimedia, multimodality, subtitling, emotion, 3D movies, user experience, online therapy, and e-learning. A summary publication of their presentations and all of the others from the event can now be found here.

With delegates and presenters from all over Ireland and Europe representing universities, government institutions, mental health services, and professional bodies, the event highlighted the importance and value of interdisciplinary research that incorporates human factors of technology, with foci on cognitive and behavioural aspects, and wider contexts of ethics and education. It established increased interaction across faculties within the university and externally with other institutions in the context of the many shared research interests with approaches from many different disciplines, from cognitive science, to the arts and humanities.