Four CTTS researchers present at MT Summit 2013

Four CTTS researchers presented at the Machine Translation Summit 2013, held in the week of September 2 in Nice, France (http://www.mtsummit2013.info/). Dr. Sharon O’Brien co-organised a workshop on post-editing technologies and practice (with Drs. Michel Simard, National Research Council of Canada and Lucia Specia, University of Sheffield – https://sites.google.com/site/mts2013wptp/program). Dr. Joss Moorkens presented a paper by him and Sharon O’Brien on User Attitudes to the Post-Editing Interface. Ms. Linda Mitchell presented two papers, one reporting on her research on post-editing in online user forums and the other on the post-editing interface developed within the EU-funded Accept programme. Dr. Stephen Doherty presented a joint paper with Dr. Sharon O’Brien on a usability study of raw machine translated content.