CfP: Translation Spaces Vol 4(2)

Translation Spaces CALL FOR PAPERS

Invitation for Submissions Volume 4(2) 2015

Abstracts for submissions to be considered for publication in Volume 4 should be received by April 15, with complete articles submitted by June 15, 2015.

Translation Spaces: A multidisciplinary, multimedia, and multilingual journal of translation, published annually by John Benjamins Publishing Company, has just completed publication of Volume 3 and is currently accepting submissions for Volume 4(2). Publication is planned for September 2015.

The journal envisions translation globally as a complex set of socio-cultural spaces of encounter that are both physical and virtual. We welcome exploration of those linguistic and social-cultural frontiers where translation practice and theory interact most dramatically with the dynamically changing landscape of contemporary urban globalization and technology. The journal actively encourages researchers from diverse domains and publishes peer-reviewed articles in seven permanent topical tracks listed below.

Articles should be approximately 8,500 words in length including references. The journal’s “Author Style Guide for 2015,”available at the Benjamins website, notes the most recent editorial guidelines and should be consulted for the preparation and submission of manuscripts (https://benjamins.com/#catalog/journals/ts/guidelines).

We request that authors submit fairly detailed abstracts/proposals of several pages (sufficient to allow informed editorial decision-making) or complete drafts of articles by email directly to the Advisory Board member moderating the most appropriate track; please copy the three General Editors on all submissions.


  1. Translation, Globalization, and Communication Technology (Frank Austermühl f.austermuehl@auckland.ac.nz)
  2. Translation, Information, Culture, and Society (Gregory M. Shreve gshreve@kent.edu)
  3. Translation, Government, Law and Policy (Michael Geist mgeist@uOttawa.ca)
  4. Translation, Computation, and Information (Sharon O’Brien sharon.obrien@dcu.ie)
  5. Translation and Entertainment (Minako O’Hagan minako.ohagan@dcu.ie)
  6. Translation, Commerce, and Economy (Keiran J. Dunne kdunne@kent.edu)
  7. Translation as an Object of Study (Ricardo Muñoz Martín ricardo.munoz@ulpgc.es)

General Editors:

Debbie Folaron (debbie.folaron@concordia.ca), Gregory Shreve (gshreve@neo.rr.com), and Ricardo Muñoz (ricardo.munoz@ulpgc.es).

As of 2015, Translation Spaces will publish one regular issue and one special issue per year, with the special issue being managed by a guest editor. The individual Advisory Board members moderating the journal’s regular tracks are not responsible for production of the special issue.