CTTS/ADAPT Postdoctoral Researcher at Klaara 2019 Conference

CTTS/ADAPT postdoctoral researcher Alessandra Rossetti presented at Klaara 2019, an international and multidisciplinary conference which took place at the University of Helsinki, Finland on 19-20 September 2019. The aim of the event was to bring together researchers interested in the study of easy-to-read languages and accessible communication, particularly for target groups who might encounter difficulties in comprehending standard/non-adapted forms of languages. Alessandra’s presentation was based on research conducted with Pat Cadwell and Sharon O’Brien on the accessibility of online financial texts for older people (slides can be accessed here).

An important component of the conference was the discussion about the terms used in the area of accessible communication. More precisely, it emerged that terms such as clear language, plain language, accessible communication, lay friendliness, easy-to-read language, easy language, and barrier-free communication are currently being used interchangeably, and the distinctions and similarities between them are not clear.

Further information on the conference is available here.