The Centre for Translation and Textual Studies

About Us

The Centre for Translation and Textual Studies (CTTS) is a University-Designated Research Centre of Dublin City University, Ireland. It was established in 2000 to pursue research in translation and textual studies, applied languages, and related areas.

Collectively and individually we study the cultural and historical transformation of multimodal, multilingual and translingual communicative practices and their impact on the creation and consumption of ‘text’ in its traditional and modern forms. This applied research endeavour  impacts on national and international models, policies and practices on the theoretical, industrial, pedagogical and societal dimensions.

Interdisciplinarity and collaboration are at the heart of the CTTS. We work with other research groups and initiatives within DCU, across universities, e.g. ADAPT – Centre for Global Intelligent Content, and internationally. We also have a track record in research collaboration with industry partners.

Our research areas involve:
Children’s Literature
Community Interpreting
Computer-Aided Language Learning
Human-Computer Interaction
Language in Virtual Worlds
Literary Translation
Minority Language Policy
Translation in Disaster Settings
Translation History
Translation Pedagogy
Translation Technology
Translation and Memory Studies
Translation and Language Pedagogy
Multimodal Communication

For more information on the academic members see the Members page.

The CTTS has a vibrant post-graduate research community. For more information on current students and graduates, please visit the Postgraduate Research page.