Dr Mattia Thibault: Looking forward: Imagining the futures of translation

22nd of November 2023, 2-3 p.m. in GLA.C114

The presentation will offer an exploration of various forward-looking approaches in the realm of translation research. On the one hand, the presentation will briefly engage with some current evolutions in intersemiotic translation, including intersemiotic machine translation and interreal translation. On the other hand, the presentation will focus on how methodologies of speculative research could be employed to look into our possible and impossible translatorial futures. The combination of these two perspectives can offer useful tools to navigate the dynamic and transformative world of translation, laying the groundwork for new avenues and paradigms in this field.

Dr Mattia Thibault is an Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Translation in the Creative Industries at Tampere University. He is a member of the Language Unit and collaborates with the Gamification Group, the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies and the Flagship project UNITE – Forest-Human-Machine Interplay. His interests include semiotics and translation, speculative research, and playfulness and the built environment (real and digital). His research projects “LudoSpace” and “ReClaim” (EU MSCA-IF 793835) focused on urban gamification and bottom-up and punk ways to use playfulness for good. In 2017 he earned a PhD in Semiotics and Media at Turin University, where he subsequently worked as research fellow in 2018. He has been visiting researcher at Tartu University (Estonia), The Strong Museum of Play (Rochester, NY, US), Helsinki University (Finland), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) and Waag | Technology and Society (Netherlands).

With thanks to Dr Sheila Castilho for organising this event.