Greetings from Belfast!

Under the direction of Dr. Dorothy Kenny, several CTTS researchers presented a flash panel at the 4th IATIS conference in The Queen’s University, Belfast. The panel was entitled The Human Element in Translation Technology, and gave a comprehensive overview of the research being carried out in the centre – slides can be found here, and videos of each talk will be uploaded very soon.

  • Magdalena Dombek – Motivation in Translation Crowdsourcing: A study of Volunteer Polish Facebook User-Translators
  • Fionnuala de Barra-Cusack – Metadata Use www.focal.ie
  • Dr. Joss Moorkens – A Case Study of Inconsistency in Translation Memories
  • Dr. Stephen Doherty – Reading and Comprehension of ‘Controlled’ Machine Translated Texts
  • Giselle de Almeida – Modelling post-editing behaviour to design tools and training
  • Linda Mitchell – Monolingual Post-Editing in an Online Community
Dr. Dorothy Kenny

Magdalena Dombek
Magdalena Dombek

Fionnuala de Barra-Cusack

Dr. Joss Moorkens

Dr. Stephen Doherty

Linda Mitchell