IPCITI 2012: Day One

The 8th International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting opened yesterday with two workshops. Dr. Dorothy Kenny led a workshop on the use of electronic corpora in translation and interpreting research. On the topic of eye tracking as a research method, Dr. Stephen Doherty, also presented a workshop.  Descriptions for both workshops and their material can be found below:

Using Electronic Corpora in Translation and Interpreting Research

This workshop will focus on the use of corpora in translation and interpreting research. It will address issues such as: what kinds of research questions lend themselves to corpus approaches? What kind of resources are available for conducting corpus-based investigations into translation and interpreting? What are the strengths and weaknesses of corpus approaches?

Eye Tracking as a Research Tool: Understanding and Application

[Slides available]

This workshop will give an introduction into the use of eye tracking as a research tool in studies of cognition, translation, and psycholinguistics. It provides participants with the fundamentals required to adopt eye tracking methods in their own research designs, and to understand and critique literature in this area. We will explore the basic concepts underpinning eye tracking research, discuss examples of methodologies with a focus on mixed-methods, and use data from recent studies and a live demonstration to further our knowledge of the practical application and potential of this tool.